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Dear customers, colleagues and friends,
In front of you is the web-site which contains valuable and useful information about the manufacturing activity and high-quality production of one of the leading companies for travel and hoist systems worldwide.
“Balkansko Echo” company is unique with its three separate factories situated on a total manufacturing area of over 20 000 m2, more than 600 metal-working machines and more than 550 dedicated and highly qualified specialists,
making it independent of external subcontractors and cooperated deliveries.
The company is designing, constructing, manufacturing, assembling and servicing the following:
- electric wire rope hoists of “T” and “MT” series with a lifting capacity of up to 50 t and a lifting height of up to 120 m, which are to be known for their exceptional reliability and durability;
- electric chain hoists, with a lifting capacity...
T – electric wire rope hoists
The electric wire rope hoists T series are the most famous and well-sold electric hoists worldwide. More than 1 800 000 pieces have already been produced and sold in more than 40 countries. Their main advantages are: high reliability, durability, simple maintenance.

By the end of 2010, “Balkansko Echo” had manufactured and sold more than 20 000 electric hoists, including 5000 explosion-proof ones, more than 600 cranes and over 50 000 general-industry and explosion-proof electric motors.