Induction electric motors - General-industry execution

The electric motor with a cone cage rotor and a built-in brake is a specialized product to drive lifting and running gears. This unique construction combines two products – an induction electric motor and a mechanical brake and it is characterized by high reliability under various operating conditions, flawlessness and safety in braking. These are the main advantages of these electric motors in comparison to other drives. This construction also has the advantages of conventional induction electric motors with a squirrel-cage rotor, namely:
- Compactness;
- Minimal and easy maintenance.

The cone electric motor is designed to withstand the cyclic loads and it is made in unity with the construction of the whole mechanism. This allows the use of common structural elements and gives significant technico-economic advantages to the mechanism.

Depending on the driven mechanism, the electric motors are divided into two groups:
- for lifting gears of wire rope hoists or chain hoists - series КГЕ, КЕ;
- for running gears – series KKE, AKKE, ABE.

The electric motors can be produced as single-speed ones (2p=2, 4, 6) or two-speed ones (2p=8/2, 12/4, 16/4, 24/4, 24/6, 30/4, 30/6).

The main share of the production of “Balkansko Echo” EOOD company are the electric motors in an explosion-proof execution Ex d with power of up to 20kW, certified by accredited laboratories.

The electric motors are produced in accordance with the Bulgarian and European standards - БДС 6062-1982; БДС EN 50018+A1; БДС EN 60034-1; EN 60034-5; EN ISO 12100-1; EN ISO 12100-2, etc.

Specific features of the cone electric motors with a brake:
- presence of axial travel of the shaft
- short-term re-operation – S4.

Technical characteristics:
- Modifications to the voltage: 50Hz / 60Hz;
- Class of insulation F. By agreement with the customer – H;
- Degree of protection IP 54, IP 22 of the brake;
- Option for building in thermal protection.

The electric motors can be also manufactured for operation in marine, tropical or special environments – M, T, C.