Single-girder traveling crane

Single-girder supported cranes

Cranes are designed for normal operation of КЗ-К6 group under БДС 16570-86 at ambient temperature from -25°C to +40°C and relative air humidity less than 80% at +20°C ± 5°C. The construction of the crane is consistent with DIN15018.

Cranes are manufactured in a general-industry execution and also to operate in an explosive environment, for transportation of toxic, explosion and flammable substances as well as molten metal.

The module construction of a single-girder traveling crane with a lifting capacity of 1 to 16 tons, with a span of 4.5 to 25.5 m includes the following components:

Electric wire rope hoist, T or MT series
These hoists feature a high quality, reliable in operation, minimal weight and increased maintainability, they are known and sought in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Crane beam
The construction of a crane beam with a double T-shaped or box-shaped section depends on the lifting capacity of the crane and its span. The dismountable flange joint with the end carriages facilitates transportation of the crane and its installation on the site.

End carriages
The end carriages have a box-shaped section and a block of the traveling wheels built in them. They are distinguished by an original construction allowing a high degree of unification.

Traveling wheels
The steel, flanged traveling wheels ensure minimal resistance to movement and longevity of the crane rails. The traveling wheels are suitable for rails with width of the head from 40 to 70 mm. The rubber-metal shock dampers mounted to the block of the traveling wheels have high energy absorption.

Mechanism for traveling of the crane
Traveling of the crane is carried out by the driving traveling wheels combined in geared motor groups. The electric motors are induction ones, cone-rotor ones, and ones with a built-in brake. The conveying speed of the crane is 10 to 50 m/min. At the request of our customers, the movements can be frequency-controlled.

Electric equipment
The electric control panel is fixed to the metal construction of the crane and provides convenient services. Contactor-type control of the mechanisms of the crane ensures high reliability. The crane is powered by three-phase voltage of 380 V and frequency of 50 Hz. At the request of our customers, it is possible to supply cranes for other frequencies and voltage of the power supply network.

The crane is controlled from the floor by a suspended control panel or wireless control.
By negotiation between the manufacturer and the customer, it is possible to manufacture cranes with a span of Lk, other than that specified in the data table.

Single-girder traveling crane
Technical data:
Single-girder traveling crane